Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So since Cory decided to start posting about bands we think you should listen to (yet hasn't kept it up :P) I decided to post something for whoever checks this damn thing.

First band is a group of dudes we just had the pleasure to play with, Co-Pilot from Texas. Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to catch a lot of them since their set had to get cut short. But what I did see i was blown away by. Not sure how this transfers onto their recordings but definitely a band worth checking out.

Next we have ORCA from Toronto (not the UK band). I grabbed their Collapse & Decay EP from a distro at a house show in Toronto that we were playing, wow that sounds obscure. Anyways Songs are heavy, loud and just generally awesome. Everyone should check out at least these recordings.

Lastly a band that i've been into for awhile now but thought maybe, just maybe not too many people know about them (i'm probably wrong). Electro Quarterstaff. This trio of awesome guitars complimented amazingly by fast effective drumming powers through thrashy metal induced riffs like its nobody's business. So check em out. now!

thats it for now. Keep checking back for bands to listen to cause we know what we're talking about or something.


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